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Staff of Balance In Motion - Chiropractic Office

What sets Balance In Motion apart from the average chiropractic or massage therapy office is our holistic approach and the variety of services offered to help our patients achieve optimal health and well-being.

Upon entering, you are greeted by a friendly face and a warm, inviting environment. We have taken an extra effort to create a healing and relaxing environment with natural lighting, calming colors, and complimentary beverages and nutritional snacks. Our family-friendly office with a play area ensures children have a positive experience as well.

Next, by utilizing digital x-ray sensors and radiography instead of traditional photographic film, we eliminate toxic processing chemicals. After the x-ray is taken, the image is retrieved using laser light scanning. Images are stored electronically and displayed on computer screen rather than printed film versions.

Our entire practice is structured to relieve, restore and support by incorporating specific cutting-edge techniques shown to dramatically improve alignment and boost health.


Relief treatments focus on alleviating immediate health concerns and are geared towards quick and effective healing.


By identifying and treating the root cause, our restorative care plans involve bringing the body back into balance to help each person reach their health goals.


Proactive, supportive care and treatment is the best way to prevent future limitations and retain the improvement that has been restored.

 Contact us today for a free consultation and Patient Orientation:

You will gain more crucial and pertinent information regarding:

Building a strong foundation of wellness and what that means for your overall health right now.
The three types of stress and tips to relieve them.
What is the nervous system and why it is important.
How posture affects your energy, organ function, and overall well being.
The postural habits we recommend you change to achieve the best results.
Set healthy goals.

A gift will be provided to you for attending the orientation as well as some healthy snacks! We want you to know that when you understand your body and the healing process, you can make an informed decision on the direction you want to take with your spinal care.

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